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February 4, 2021 

Cotton, Young Introduce Amendment to Prohibit Stimulus Checks for Illegal Immigrants

Washington, D.C. — Senators Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) and Todd Young (R-Indiana) introduced an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget that would prohibit any future Economic Impact Payments or similar direct stimulus payment from being distributed to illegal immigrants.

Economic Impact Payments were first authorized under the CARES Act to help provide relief to Americans and spur economic activity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The amendment would ensure money only goes to American citizens and not to individuals who are in the United States illegally. 

“The Biden administration shouldn’t reward illegal immigrants for breaking our laws by giving them checks. Instead of courting foreigners with U.S. taxpayer funds, President Biden should use that money to aid American schools, businesses, and families,” said Cotton.

“Economic Impact Payments were intended to provide a lifeline to Americans struggling to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic. They were not intended for people who are in our country illegally,” said Young. “Our amendment would ensure that people who break our immigration laws aren’t receiving taxpayer-funded handouts.”

Text of the amendment is available here.