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Washington, D.C. - Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on reports that the United States missed opportunities to crack down on Russian espionage during the Obama administration:

"These revelations are another example of how the Obama administration coddled the Putin regime for eight years. Indeed, a senior official called me after the election-after the administration had rebuked Russia for meddling in the campaign-and asked me to withdraw my provision to enforce the rules on ‘diplomatic' travel. It's also giving the Russians too much credit to say they broke the rules of espionage-because it's clear they had no intention of following them in the first place. I'm glad Congress had the good sense to hold our ground on enforcing the rules on Russian diplomats' travel within our country. This story is a vindication of sorts, though a disturbing one, and it's yet another reminder of the need for the State Department to enforce these rules aggressively."