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Washington, D.C.- Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked Cloture on the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill:

"It's regrettable that Senate Democrats blocked the Energy and Water Appropriations bill from moving forward today. I support the appropriations process and want to pass this bill. That's why I offered to accept a higher vote threshold on my amendment than is provided for under Senate rules and procedure. I've offered to allow it to be adopted without a recorded vote. And I've offered to modify my amendment to narrow its scope. But, as usual, Senate Democrats can't take yes for an answer. They are more concerned with carrying the water for President Obama than protecting the American people and getting things done in the Senate. If President Obama intends to make future purchases of Iranian heavy water that will subsidize Iran's nuclear industry, then he should say so. His own Secretary of Energy has said there will be no more purchases. But the vehemence with which the White House is opposing my amendment raises the question of whether President Obama is being straight with the American people."