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Washington, D.C.- Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today issued a statement after meeting with the Deputy Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman:

"I appreciate the productive and open exchange of views today with Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, which reflects the close and longstanding partnership between our two nations. Our main focus was our mutual security interests, including counterterrorism efforts against al-Qaeda and the Islamic State and the threat posed by Iran's aggression in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the broader Middle East. We also discussed economic issues, including the Vision 2030 Plan, a promising initiative led by the Deputy Crown Prince to diversify and grow the Saudi economy for the twenty-first century. In the years ahead, U.S. and Saudi interests will continue to align as we face old challenges and seize new opportunities. I look forward to working with Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to advance our shared interests, protect our people, and build a peaceful and prosperous world."