Contact: James Arnold or Mary Collins Atkinson (202) 224-2353
April 1, 2021 

Cotton Introduces Bill to Solve the Border Crisis

Washington, D.C. – Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today introduced the End the Border Crisis Now Act, legislation to reverse President Biden’s harmful immigration policies and strengthen asylum protocols to help combat the crisis at our southern border.

“President Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s immigration policies has caused a surge of illegal migrants at our southern border who are seeking better jobs—not fleeing from harm. My bill would require migrants seeking asylum to apply for protection before making the dangerous trek to our southern border. President Biden must change course and secure our borders now.”

The End the Border Crisis Now Act:

  • Requires that migrants seeking refugee or asylum protection in the United States first apply through the refugee program abroad, with asylum claims in the United States limited to those who were lawfully admitted into the country.
  • Requires that migrants who travel through safe third countries on their way to the United States first apply for asylum or equivalent protection in those countries before they can apply for asylum or refugee status in the United States.