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October 2021

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Risky power grab
National Review Secretary of the China Lobby
Washington Examiner A restored America needs law and order
Breitbart Democrats’ Criminal-Leniency Policies Sparked an Undeniable Crime Wave
Fox News Biden's Afghan refugee blunders – improper vetting creates host of problems for US

September 2021

Des Moines Register Americans wanted Biden to end the war, not lose it
Fox News A Cold War with China, whether we seek one or not

August 2021

National Review Our Under-Incarceration Problem

July 2021

The BLM Effect
Fox News Biden's Border Crisis is a National Emergency. Dems' Shocking Amnesty Ploy Must be Stopped

June 2021

National Review Coronavirus Lab-Leak-Theory Proponents Have Been Vindicated

May 2021

Newsweek Operation Warp Speed Was a Tremendous Success. Let's Build on It

April 2021

Newsweek Democrats and Their Media Allies Are Lying About Georgia's Election Law
National Review There’s No Place in America’s Military for Racist Training

March 2021

National Review What the U.S. Must Do to Beat China
National Review Yes, Xavier Becerra Fought Nuns in Court
Fox News Raise minimum wage, but not to $15 – our compromise bill protects workers, businesses

January 2021

Fox News Our National Guard's Capitol mission is complete – it's time to send home the troops
Fox News Xavier Becerra nomination – here's why Senate should reject culture warrior for HHS post
Arkansas Democrat Gazette Duty of Congress