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Cotton Meets with Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch

February 8, 2017

Contact: Caroline Rabbitt (202) 224-2353

Washington, D.C. - Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement after meeting with the nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch:

"I was very impressed by my meeting with Judge Neil Gorsuch today, as I've been impressed with his judicial record as I've reviewed it over the last week. He's exceptionally well-versed in the law, and yet for all his learning, he's an extraordinarily humble man. In our conversation, we discussed in depth judicial craft and reasoning. He walked me through how he would conduct himself on the bench and how he sees the Supreme Court's role in our constitutional democracy. He stressed that a judge should interpret the law as it's written, not impose his beliefs on the people. And he showed a profound respect for the Constitution. I also think the Court would benefit from his clear and incisive thinking. With great confidence in his judgment, I look forward to supporting his nomination."