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Cotton Statement on the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act

February 10, 2016

Contact: Caroline Rabbitt (202) 224-2353

Washington, D.C.- Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on Senate passage of the North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act:

"Today the Senate took an important step toward tightening the vise around Kim Jong-un's brutal and belligerent dictatorship. But this is only a first step. The United States must also speed efforts to deploy new missile defenses in Asia, form closer partnerships with our allies in the region, and make clear to China that its failure to pressure the Kim regime will invite its own costs. Under President Obama's watch the North Korea program has grown and threatens the U.S. and our allies. Experts estimate that North Korea's nuclear arsenal is somewhere in the range of 10 to 20 devices that are made of both plutonium and highly enriched uranium. It also is assessed to have the ability to put a nuclear weapon on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile and shoot it at the United States. We must not lose urgency - we must deal with North Korea now before it develops its nuclear capabilities any further."