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Cotton Statement on President Obama’s Remarks at the Pentagon on ISIS

December 14, 2015

Contact: Caroline Rabbitt (202) 224-2353

Washington, D.C.- Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today released the following statement on President Obama's remarks at the Pentagon on ISIS:

"President Obama's remarks at the Pentagon were just more of the same tired rhetoric. Why is he just now hitting ISIS 'harder than ever?' President Obama once again provided a laundry list of percentages and statistics that may sound impressive, but actually say little about our commitment to the fight against ISIS. It's troubling that in the wake of Paris and San Bernadino the President seems more concerned about sounding tough than he does about preventing more of these types of attacks. To win the war against ISIS, President Obama must present a victory strategy and demonstrate a commitment to that strategy. Today we heard neither. If the President wants to show resolve and commitment, he would listen to his military commanders' best advice, and he would ask the Congress to protect the data we already have on terrorists."